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Black Opal An exclusive Blackwater Creek Original. They are an elongated variety and have various markings of deep black over a white or even powder blue base color. The sharp contrast between the two colors really makes these fish stand out.

The Black Opal Goldfish is another variety that we have produced after a decade of trials and a very active breeding program. These Goldfish change patterns as they grow and typically continue to improve as they age. This exclusive variety from Blackwater Creek makes an excellent addition to any pond. The Black Opal variant does well with Koi and Butterfly Koi as well.

We love these fish and are trying hard to produce more of them. They do not breed true... meaning that we have very few Goldfish “breeder fish” that produce this specific variety.

Goldfish diseases are fairly UNCOMMON in these varieties as they are an elongated body style that is very hardy... even under the ice in winter. Reserve your Black Opals today. They are shipped as they become available.

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