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Watonai (Pronounced Wa-Town-Eye) are a double tailed Goldfish with a similar body shape to Wakin, however they have broader, more elegant tail fins. Watonai were developed by crossing a Wakin with a Ryukin and were first described in Japan, early in

the twentieth century, As seen in this early Japanese illustration.


Watonai Goldfish Illustration Most goldfish enthusiasts have never even heard of a Watonai. But, they have recently been re-created by top breeders, like Blackwater Creek, in small numbers, and are being sold in the US.

Watonai have the long slender body of the Wakin, but with a much larger tail which it carries spread horizontally. The width of the tail fin should equal the length of the body.

The color is similar to that of a Wakin or Sarassa Comet featuring:

 Watonai goldfish

Even with their flamboyant tail, the Watonai is a hardy variety which does well and can over-winter in an outdoor pond or water garden. They move a little slower than a Wakin, Shubunkin, Comet or Hibuna.

They can get fairly large, but the maximum body length is just slightly smaller than these other hardy varieties. Some consider Watonai the ultimate hardy Goldfish as they have good cold tolerance, a fairly large size and a broad flowing tail that makes for an attractive display.

It is one of the lesser known Goldfish in America yet it is one of the most common varieties found in Japan.

As you can see from the collage, We at Blackwater Creek have taken the Watonai to new heights and it is now one of the most beautiful Goldfish varieties available for your backyard pond.   

Watonai Goldfish