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Sarasa Comet Goldfish Comets may be the most popular pond or waterVintage Comet Illustration garden fish in the United States. By many accounts, they originated in the U.S. They were developed by the Federal Fisheries Commission in ponds very near the Capital building in Washington DC.

Comets are similar to common goldfish with a slim body and single tail. The fins are elongated and the tail, of the best comets, is about ¾ as long as the body with the upper and lower lobe, of the tail fin, held open and apart.

The most popular colors are solid red, and red and white The red and white ones are called by their Japanese name, “Sarasa”  or ‘Sarassa’ Comets.

In Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia, the Comets with long tails may be called Swallow-Tails. In recent years a Black Comet has been developed in China.

Like common Goldfish, Comets are very hardy and will flourish in water gardens where other more highly-bred slow swimming Goldfish varieties do not do well. They can get fairly large, depending on conditions.

While the body may not get quite as large as a Hibuna, if you include their elongated tail fin the comet may be the longest of all Goldfish, perhaps sixteen inches. Because of their size, a comet may soon out-grow the confines of an aquarium or small “patio pond”.

The Sarassa are an elongated fast swimming, extremely hardy, fish that brighten any pond they reside in.

A variant is the Red Common Giant that grows fast and large (up to 14 inches or more). These hardy Goldfish are a staple in the industry. We do produce a lot of Sarassa Comets each year. We love them... and so will you.  

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