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Sanke Gold have an elongated body with markings similar to that of a Sanke Koi. This variety has a white body with red and black markings rivaling some top grade Koi. These Goldfish were developed as an alternative to Koi to allow people to keep some spectacular fish in a small space such a a patio pond or an aquarium. They can grow to be up to 10-12 inches long.

When asked about the reason for focusing on developing this variety, Black WaterFarm Manager Manley Davis Creek Koi Farms hatchery manager, Manley Davis, said that ”the challenge in developing something never before seen on the market combined with the excitement of seeing these fish improve, generation after generation,  keeps us working hard for the rewards of producing these beautiful fish. Reproducing someone else's breeding efforts is an easy way to make fish, but being able to say we “evolved” this variety is something very few fish farms can claim.”

These Goldfish are available individually in very very limited numbers. They are priced individually and according to quality. Reserve your Sanke Gold today. They are shipped as they become available throughout the year.